Ladies night.

Her name is ladies night.

Every time I look at her my blood shivers through out

Her face reminds me of the day of ladies night

The day she conquered my day playing all over me.

It was a Thursday ladies night the day I was taken

She wore a dress that revealed the beauty inside out

Her smiled just said to me “Hi”

Her name is ladies night.

I remember when I spoke and said “O botse kudu kudu”

She smiled and responded “thanks I know”

Her beauty was as big as her ego.

Her pride was as big as her thoughts.

Her name is ladies nights

Week in and week out I would just glance her and see her beauty

Day in and day out I would think of Thursday ladies night.

I would fast forward and fast rewind the days just to think of her.

Till the day ladies night became my night.

I swapped her through to my place

We played a game that nobody has ever played.

My warmth was hers and hers was mine.

We rolled over and over

I never thought the day will end.

It was an easy day with marvellous memories.

The night became too small and the day was long.

Ladies night was my night.

Day in and day out it was my ladies night.

Her name was ladies night.

We played together forgot the consequences

I forgot that the ladies night was always a ladies night.

On Thursday ladies night

Ladies night became someone ladies night

I swamped in sorrow cried like a new baby

Life was on hold as every Thursday became my enemy

The ladies night was gone and my Thursday was no more.

She was a real ladies night.


By: M.B TAU (Mathata)



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Moments that I cherish with you will always be in my soul and thoughts.
Moments I made with you made me who I am now and tomorrow.
Moments I got from you are true reflection of what I have.

My daily influences…

I watch ISIDINGO to be corrupted
So my soul can live to the next SOUL CITY and my SOUL BUDDZ can remember me,
AS THE WORLD TURNS I wanna live the FABULOUS LIFE OF JAYPOET without any SCANDAL as if I’m from the RETHYM CITY.
I wanna marry 4 wives like the chief of Thate, but in this GENERATIONS I think that will just cause MUVHANGO.
You see I had MINUTE TO WIN IT, that chance for me to walk on the street 7DELAAN to meet the REAL GOBHOZA on the JACOB CROSS so like LOTTO one day is one day.
KNOWING that OUR DAYS OF OUR LIVES are numbered that is why we are THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, so I wanna go home and have a FAMILY BOND with MY WIFE AND KIDS.
My biggest wish it to publish a book tittled HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER it will be reveiwed on 3TALK, then ill move to ZONE14 so my son can become a preseter on SOCCER ZONE, and my DESPERATE HOUSE WIFE can finally join a STOKVEL so she can stop asking me questions when ever I came home late as if we’re in the INTEROGATION ROOM….

Maybe mine

Is she mine if I can count all the stars at night for her?
Is she mine if I wrote as many love poems as I could about her?
Is she mine if I could paint her in her innocent smile and those graceful rinkles

Look at me in your moments of loniliness I can bring you joy and happiness,
Look at me in your moments of sorrow, I am your today and I can be your tomorrow.
Look at me in your moments of joy after all life is also worth to be enjoyed…

I love you, want to why? You’re my air and without you there’s no me.
I love you, want to know when? Now and 1000 years after I’m gone.
I love you, want to know where? Here, there and everywhere, even if I’m not with you I stil love you…

Is she mine if I can be worth her love?